[I speak cicada]
Love your comics and your quirky sense of humour. 😄

Thanks so much!

The funeral was as awkward as predicted, but coming home to see that some people liked my newest comic really cheered me up! <3 Hello new followers!

This one doesn’t have a title or description so here’s some shameless self promotion.

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There is nothing I like less than being forced by family into going to funerals/visitations for distant relatives I don’t even remember. People say I’m “selfish” for not wanting to go, but I just feel like mourning is a really personal thing that I don’t want to intrude upon as a stranger. Like the absolute LAST thing I want when people I love die is a bunch of half-remembered people telling me they’re sorry, and that X is in a better place, and X lived a good life, and X isn’t hurting anymore etc. If I’m genuinely hurting it just makes me super uncomfortable to know there are rows of people sitting in the back awkwardly watching me cry and discreetly checking their phones for the time. So obviously on the other hand I don’t like BEING the stranger in the back row.

Suffice to say, guess where I’m going tonight?

So I’ll almost definitely be able to finish the 1-page comic I’m doing for this month tomorrow, but there’s a chance it will be late at night when I do. If that’s the case I’ll Queue it for Monday, but I’m still counting it as on time for “August” if I finish it before midnight.

Because it still counts.

It totally counts.


Shut up.

I&#8217;m weirdly proud of this background texture I made in like 2 minutes. Hashtag Small Victories.

I’m weirdly proud of this background texture I made in like 2 minutes. Hashtag Small Victories.

Got a script for a one page comic worked up now so I’ll be able to finish SOMETHING in August, even if Two Mechanics is inevitably late.

Still really bummed that the new job is taking so much of my time/energy. I was really enjoying spending almost all day every day on comics while I was unemployed.

On the plus side the job itself seems to be getting a little easier to wrap my head around and a few of my coworkers are pretty cool.

I started a new job a week and a half ago and since then I’ve done basically Nothing Art Related and it’s driving me crazy. Hopefully things will get better once I’m out of training and into some kind of schedule. I have my fingers crossed for a 4 10’s schedule so I can have three “studio days” a week.

Because of all this “Two Mechanics” probably won’t be done this month like it should have been. I’ll probably have to do a stand alone strip this week and bump TM to September. :/