[I speak cicada]

Okay, here’s the preview of “Streetlights” I said I’d post (there’s four more pages after this I still need to finish). I’m actually still tweaking a few things, so opinions are useful at this point.

The main thing I’m not feeling is the font. It’s the one I almost always use, but it doesn’t feel like it works here. Does anyone know any good (free or cheap) fonts that might match better? Maybe something kind of handwriting-y, but it has to be readable in some pretty big text blocks as this comic has a lot of words.

I also need to check how this is looking on other people’s monitors. Mine tends to be a LOT brighter than other people’s for some reason and this has so much black in it I want to make sure I’m not losing too much of the detail in the darker areas.

…Of course people can’t really help me too much with that one because you don’t know what it’s supposed to look like. I’ll just have to see if I can pull up my Tumblr from some work computers or something.

"Streetlights" (my last minute project) isn’t going to get finished by the end of today either, but I’ll probably post the first two pages of it tonight as a preview/for my resolution thing. It’s first two pages look better standing alone than TM’s do. I really wish I didn’t have to work tomorrow. One more off day and I might have been able to knock out all six pages in one go. :/

I had a dream last night that I went back to art school and there was this one guy who refused to let anyone actually interact with him, instead using a fake skeleton wearing sunglasses as a stand in. He hid behind couches and under tables and stuff and controlled the skeleton like a puppet. You saw the guy’s arms controlling the skeleton or saw the guy himself when he had to move it to a different room, but he would get super pissed if you pointed that out or addressed him in any way.The skeleton acted super “edgy” all the time and the guy’s favorite thing to do was make the skeleton flip people off.

Everyone in the art department took him super seriously and thought the skeleton thing was a sign of his artistic genius. In the dream I made the whole department hate me instantly by directing a question to the guy instead of the skeleton during critique.

Work Music

I’m one of those people that almost always listens to music that “matches” what I’m working on while I draw. Sometimes it’s a really obvious connection and sometimes it’s just a general tone/rhythm/”color” thing. (I classify songs by colors/color palettes because I don’t really have a good vocabulary for discussing music, so it’s easier to label them with the colors I associate them with.)

The Golden Deer was mostly Tegan and Sara

Stormpunk/The faceless girl comic was FEMM

Two Mechanics is mostly Owl City

And the one I’m doing now is Keane so far, but I’ll probably have to mix it up some later because even if it matches there’s only so much Keane I can take at a time

I finally have a script for my autobio comic nailed down. (Kind of. This was definitely one of those “rephrase each sentence at least 20 times because nothing sounds right” kind of projects. I’m still kind of nitpicking the last line because something is wrong with its rhythm or number of syllables or something but adjusting that makes the word choices weaker and UGH. WHATEVER. I HATE WORDS.)

I think I’m going to give myself an extra day this month since work’s had me doing a lot of overtime and Wednesday is one of my off days. I know I “cheated” like this just last month, but honestly making this autobio thing strong so I can use it as reference for my anthology application is more important than breaking the imaginary rules I gave myself last New Year’s.

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I wanna write a serious autobio thing for my last-minute end of the month comic, but I’ve been watching Blue Blazes and I can’t get it’s hyper-exaggerated comedy tone out of my head.

And before that I was watching Love Live, so even when I do manage serious it’s coming out as “cheesy inspirational anime speech” serious.

Having a bit of a dilemma. Two Mechanics is (much to my disappointment) STILL pretty far from done. I’m on page 3 of 6 (with the first three being a lot more complicated/busy than the last three. I mean, page 3 has 8 panels. Page 6 has 2.) But with work (+overtime) it would take a miracle to finish it before the month’s over.

For the purposes of my self imposed monthly deadline, should I try to do something else in the last week? That’s what I did last month and I think it went well, but this time it would have to be at least two pages, since I’ve used up all my one page months. And I don’t even have anything written. AND I’m trying to work on my proposal for that anthology I’m applying for at the same time (though luckily the deadline for that is still a few weeks out).

I could just post the pages of TM I have finished as a preview (the resolution never specified I had to post complete stories), but I like the idea of posting them all at once, especially for this story (the writing’s not very strong so they don’t really stand well on their own.)

I guess I’ll just start on something new and fall back on option 2 if I can’t think of anything. I’m just getting really frustrated that I’ve spent 2 months on TM when it really, really doesn’t merit that kind of time. (I mean, I think it does what I set out to do with it fine, it was just never supposed to be an ambitious project. Just a cutesy story I could use to practice coloring in Manga Studio.)

Just thinking out loud. Carry on.

*Draws character*

Why does this pose look so awkward? I’ll take a reference picture of myself to figure out how to fix it.

*discovers it’s physically impossible for arms to do that*


Someone at work said I remind her of Zooey Deschanel in New Girl.


I mean she said it in a nice voice so I think it was a compliment? But?