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Hey, if anyone does read the comic I posted earlier, I’d really appreciate any feedback you might have on it (anon is on and perfectly welcome). It was the first thing I’ve ever drawn in Manga Studio so I’m extra curious about how everything looks (though writing opinions are definitely helpful as well). Any comments at all will be majorly appreciated!

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"The Golden Deer"

I’ve had this one in my head for a long time. I’m really happy to finally have it exist.


No one does a slice like Big Rico! No one.


No one does a slice like Big Rico! No one.


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Finally finished my Pokémon zine for Light Grey Art Lab’s Stacks show! Very excited to have made my first zine. Here’s a small peak of the five spreads - I’ll be posting full versions of these along with the cover in August.






Abstract Cities | Cvetelina Todorova



Sailor Moon: Modern Guardians

With the 20th anniversary of Sailor Moon happening, I decided to redesign the five main Sailor Scouts and give their outfits/uniforms and tailor them to fit each character a little more/be less dated. I replaced their tiaras for high-tech visors that vary slightly for each scout.  

Originally, I was going to wait to post these rough pieces once I finished the actual piece for an upcoming Sailor Moon art show I was doing but my twin brother wscottforbes wanted to post his version of it (I’ll link his once it goes up), so here are mine! A rather weird style for me to draw in… I drew most of these a few months ago. Expect a better piece to be posted later in the month/August.

FINALLY!! i’ve been anticipating this for so long now ;_; love ben’s redesigns!