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All the times the 183 cm (6’0”)  titan Makoto Tachibana hid behind his 175 cm (5’9”) boyfriend Haruka Nanase


What you can, with what you have.

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*Note: This SCP was rejected as it was simply a description of a horse by someone who had never seen one before, besides which there is no reasonable cause to label one as “Keter” class.*

People were talking about animation/animators/animated movies as work today. Got to hear all of my old favorites:

1. Man. They must have been on SO MUCH acid when they made this.

2. Hey, did you realize some kids movies are actually, like, REALLY DARK? Like, this is MESSED UP SCARY.

3. Seriously, there is no way this whole scene wasn’t just someone’s bad trip.

4. Hey, did you know [insert kid’s franchise here] is actually about the main character having SCHIZOPHRENIA??? And the other characters AREN’T EVEN REAL???? Blows ur mind man.

5. Drugs. All drugs. All of it.

6. Animated movies were so much better back then though. Everything they make these days is crap. All of it. No exceptions. Nothing of quality has been animated since I was a child.

7. Probably because they started drug testing at Disney TBH.